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In a world where computers and rapidly evolving technology have changed everything, industries are scrambling to find newer and better ways to cut costs and become more efficient.

The introduction of engineering design has definitely made it a lot easier for companies and industries to achieve their cost and time-effective goals. But what is engineering design? You may ask.

In short, engineering design is a method used by engineers to identify and resolve problems and issues. It begins with an explicit goal and includes planning, modeling, testing, and improving designs for better and enhanced product performance.

Its widely used in many industries to create and produce parts, tools, and designs. Some of the top industrial applications of engineering design are listed below.

The automotive industry

Designing and perfecting cars and their performance takes a lot more than just nuts and bolts. The automotive industry utilizes engineering design services like 3D printing and rapid prototyping to create parts, tools and perfect their designs.

It requires a lot of testing and readjusting of components, and constantly building these from scratch can increase production costs, time, and effort.

The aerospace industry

In the aerospace industry, engineering design allows manufacturers to create tools at a low cost and then use them to produce low to medium runs of parts.

With expensive machinery, engines, and aircrafts being suspended thousands of feet into the air, the industry cannot lose valuable resources on subpar solutions and products.

Using engineering design services allows them to create prototypes and components that they can readjust and test without wasting a lot of money.

A doctor refining a 3D printed cast for a patient

The healthcare industry

With the constant need for better healthcare, the healthcare industry utilizes engineering design to produce cost-effective solutions for patients. It reduces loss of life and chances of human errors in surgeries and medical procedures.

Cutting back on expensive solutions and time, health and dental care have become a lot more affordable thanks to engineering design.

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