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Electrical mechanical engineering produces a lot of daily life stuff. From something as huge as an airplane to something small as a bottle cap, everything is manufactured through the magic of electrical mechanical engineering.

Since a lot of things depend on electrical mechanical engineering for proper working, there is also a huge risk involved. Any minute issue with any small component in a mechanical design can lead to big hazards.

People could lose their lives or money. Moreover, resources would also go to waste if a product gets damaged beyond repair.

This is why it’s so important to know any defects in your product before launching it for use.

In this blog, we will discuss all the testing ways through which you can figure out any issues in your product.

1- Generating the Model

The initial testing for any product is to generate its model. For generating models, various mechanical engineering processes are used. Some of these are:

  • Finite Element Analysis to predict results on specific conditions
  • Robust modeling to test the materials being used
  • Product Qualification Testing to validate the FEA through testing of components

Whatever data or results are received through these testing methods, can be used to identify any issues with the initial materials or products. The issues can then be fixed before proceeding.

2- Tensile Testing

This mechanical engineering testing method revolves solely around testing the materials. A specific guideline for the strength, flexibility, etc., of all materials is available.

In tensile testing, all these materials are tested based on these guidelines. It ensures that all the raw material is strong and durable enough to make the product, avoiding any future issues.

3- Fatigue Testing

Another important part of electrical mechanical engineering is fatigue testing.

As the name suggests, fatigue testing actually tests the strength of the material involved. But, it differs from tensile testing as in fatigue testing the material is put through over-stress to determine if it would be able to undergo that stress or rough conditions.

This helps determine the life expectancy of all the raw materials involved.

An engineer checking a product

Mechanical engineers should never skip these crucial; tests.

You can hire a mechanical engineer design services to conduct these tests. At Connekt LLC, we offer Finite Analysis Element services, and rapid prototyping services to determine the issues within your product. You don’t have to worry about a defective product anymore!

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