5 Things to Consider Before Requesting a Quote on Injection Molding

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Have you got the perfect product design in your mind and are now looking to get it injection molded? The first step here is to request a quote for your custom injection molding.

However, requesting a quote isn’t as easy as ABC, but we’ve spelled out all the things you need to keep in mind when requesting a quote.

1. Your Design File:

The clearer your drawing, the more accurate a quote you’ll get. It is always advisable to submit a 3D computer-aided design, CAD. This helps your molder to understand the intricacies of the design. You can also give pictures or 2D drawings to help the molder visualize what you’re looking for.

You could even collaborate with your service provider to come up with the CAD or any other technical design. The bottom line is that before you get the final quote, both you and your injection molder understand the design and what needs to be done.

2. Application of Your Product:

Your injection molder should be aware of the end-use of your product being made. Different industries have different requirements, and it’s better to be clear on those requirements beforehand. For example, check if your product needs to be free of certain chemicals, if there is an ISO certification required, how much wear and tear the product would have to go through, and so on. This elaborate application description will help your molder in making appropriate suggestions, leading to accurate price quotes.

3. Order Quantity:

Always brief your service provider about the order size. This would determine what material should be used and how many molds should be made. If you only require a prototype to be created and your molder assumes that you need bulk production, this mix-up would lead to you getting the wrong quotes. This small misunderstanding can mess up your annual budgets.

4. Material to be Used:

person holding a plastic molecular structure

There is a wide variety of materials that you can pick from to create your project. Within plastic, you can choose from different types of resins. The choice depends on your requirements and your personal preference. However, keep in mind that the type of material you use heavily impacts your final costing.

5. Time and Location:

How quick you want your product and where you want it delivered also fluctuates your costs. We are based in Grass Valley and can provide quicker injection molding to the residents of the area.

Get a Quote!

If you have all of the above details figured out, get a quote from us today! Our team will work with you on your injection molding project to deliver the best quality product.

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