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Milling and lathing were common ways to conventionally design product prototypes. When technology took over by storm, rapid prototyping, a fast prototype designing technology became the norm. Unlike previously, rapid prototyping is an example of additive manufacturing—the material is added to the base product to complete manufacturing. No matter your business, rapid prototyping can change the game for you. Here’s a checklist to see if you are RP-ready.

Do You Have A Business Idea?

A business product belongs to the future if you don’t have a business idea yet. You will first have to find a problem for which your product could be an answer—in fact, the only answer. Once you have an idea, you could move towards what kind of product you want to design. Even if you want to design a thumb bin, you will have to first ask all the W questions to yourself about the product and its necessity.

Do You Have a CAD Specialist?

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is especially helpful in making engineering drawings. You might know everything about your product, but you’ll first need a 3D diagram of your product to begin rapid prototyping. CAD looks after everything from angle to depth specifications and could get a bit tricky with the angular modeling of your product. A CAD specialist could make a virtual model for you, and you will need one before you begin rapid prototyping.

Do You Have A 3D Printer?

3D printing delivers a three-dimensional model of your product. The model you’ll have here is the end product prototype. You’ll need a 3D printer to begin your prototyping. The equipment doesn’t come cheap. If you run a startup, it’s better to hire professionals for a complete prototyping service. Engineering services, especially in Grass Valley, CA, are equipped enough to facilitate you thoroughly.

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Do You Have the Budget?

Covering costs is an essential part of any business, and for that, you’ll need to mind your expenditure. Investing in rapid prototyping should only be done when you have a budget to cover the cost. Even when RP isn’t that costly, if you want more than one copy of your prototype for trials or testing, you will need to allocate a budget for that.

If you tick all the boxes of the above-given checklist, your prototyping experience would be worth your time! Also, many engineering services in the market, especially in Auburn and other parts of California, can provide you with quality rapid prototyping services.

Our engineering design firm, Connekt, LLC, has provided 3D printed prototypes in Grass Valley for a long time. With a highly skilled team of electrical and mechanical engineers, we offer the best value for your money. Rapid prototyping is a detailed process that involves meticulous precision. We at Connekt work with qualified prototype machinists to satisfy our clients with a prototype of their choice. Connect with us at 530-575-6528.

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