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The importance of electro-mechanical packaging is multi-faceted and can go a long way in securing and protecting your products. It ensures protection from mechanical damage, electrostatic discharge, radio frequency noise emission and also helps reduce maintenance costs.

Prototypes and industrial equipment made in small quantities can also be stored and transported in card cages or prefabricated boxes. However, mass-market consumer devices can increase consumer appeal with highly specialized packaging.

But is that the only reason why electro-mechanical packaging is so important? We don’t think so. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why electro-mechanical packaging for your products is worth the investment.

Ensures Protection

Mechanical packaging not only protects your product from any external harm or damage but also ensures that the components are not internally disrupted.

Extensive engineering skills and knowledge is needed to come up with an optimal package design. It is the most complex form of all the industrial packaging designs as it must prevent all sorts of mechanical damage, exposure to weather and dirt, and electromagnetic interference.

Capping machines and other equipment ensure that the packaging and the product stay safe until they reach the customer.

Prevents Overheating

a woman welding and packing an electrical component

The packaging provides the capacity to eliminate any heat given out by the internal chips to protect them from overheating.  The performance degrades as the temperature of the chip rises. By keep the temperature in check, electro-mechanical packaged machinery will increase the life and reliability of your products.

Keeps Electrical Connections Safe

Electro-mechanical packaging also keeps any electrical wirings in the components safe and functioning. This packaging ensures that the ICs have a contant signal distribution by supplying current to the circuits within a chip.

It acts as a transformer between the chip and board to ensure the functioning of embedded components.

Are you looking for unique protective features built-in the product itself and not just the containers they’re shipped in? Electro-Mechanical Packaging at Connekt LLC can help protect your end products as well as incomplete components.

We provide electro-mechanical packaging design for nearly all your structural, functional, or aesthetic product packaging requirements. We also offer 3D printing services, rapid prototyping, and FEA consulting services in Grass Valley.

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