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At Connekt, we can provide you with a full range of engineering design services. Our unique approach allows us to offer you the maximum profits and returns on your investments. With the help of the highly skilled and talented professionals in our team, we’re able to focus on what truly matters — innovative engineering solutions at an affordable price.

Our team in Sacramento consists of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial designers, software engineers, and manufacturing technicians who can provide you with various mechanical engineering design services. 3D printing services, custom injection molding, FEA consulting services, and rapid prototyping services are a few of the services we provide.

Complete Engineering Services
In Sacramento, California

FEA Analysis:

With the help of our ANSYS FEA specialists, we can provide you with quality FEA consulting services. They focus on interrogating the quality and integrity of the part, imperfections present in the designs, and advise you about structural adjustments present, which will help save you money and time, especially during the early testing phase of the projects.

Electro-Mechanical Packaging Design Services:

Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers at Connekt in Sacramento partner up to provide you with electro-mechanical packaging design services that will work for any type of product’s packaging. The requirements can be communicated to our engineers, who will ensure that every functional, structural, or aesthetic need of the product is met at the most cost-effective solution. The rich knowledge about the engineering design services helps these engineers apply what they know to what they’re working on.

Injection Molded Plastic/Rubber Design:

Not only does our team at Connekt in Sacramento specializes in designing proper tight tolerance of plastic parts that come in different shapes and sizes, but the quality of our custom injection molding help us bring your ideas to life. The material experts will carefully choose the material only after they have considered your product requirements.

Rapid Prototyping Services:

Our specialists and engineers in Sacramento have delivered amazing prototypes throughout the years and have now earned their title of being one of the best in the industry. They have allowed us to continuously deliver prototypes for the clients’ designs, and as soon the 3D printed prototypes come to life, our engineers fully analyze them to look for any irregularities.

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