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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a simulation that uses a mathematical process to calculate different solutions in a situation. It is one of the main processes in mechanical engineering and an important factor in designing simulation software.  These are the perfect alternatives to physical prototypes.

For example, if an engineer wants to design a product and check its performance, they won’t have to make the whole product check its functionality. Rather, they would put the data in a simulation and run virtual experiments that will provide calculated results helping the engineer optimize the product.

Mathematic equations are usually required to understand a various physical phenomenon like fluid dynamics, wave propagation, and thermal analysis, which can be done through normal calculations. However, Finite Element Analysis enables you to take different variables into account and get a proper solution in complex situations.

Uses in Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, FEA is conducted to assess the integrity and safety of each part of the vehicle. The analysis is usually conducted on chassis, anchors, suspension, and bodywork. A very useful analysis is of the vehicle’s crash testing, which can help determine the car’s deformation upon the impact of a certain part and how different parts absorb energy.

Uses in Civil Engineering and Structural Design

A construction site

Civil engineering is also another industry that uses the FEA simulation to get accurate results regarding the structural integrity of the building. Just like in the automotive industry, this industry also uses stress tests to create simulations for earthquakes and other variables to understand how the building would respond in these situations.

Uses in Industrial Equipment

Lastly, FEA analysis helps perfectly design industrial equipment. For example, stress variables like high temperature or pressure are used to determine the performance of pipes, tanks, pressure vessels, or any other such equipment. On the other hand, you can also use FEA to analyze the forging process in mills and benders to calculate stress levels of forged parts.

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