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Every part of the product development process should be designed to increase your odds of success. And it’s no different when you’re ready to make the jump from prototypes to product launches. Here are some questions to consider before taking the plunge with the product launch.

Protect Your Prototype

The first thing you need to do is make sure your intellectual property is safe. This means getting a patent and pursuing legal action for any infringements of your patent. But how do you know if your product is unique enough to get a patent? Start with a patent search, which can be done online or through direct contact with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If there isn’t a similar product patented already, you may be in luck!

To Manufacture or to Outsource?

As you prepare to launch, it’s important to think about how your product will be made. In the early stages of developing a prototype for a product, most companies use 3D printing. This is an easy and convenient way to quickly create a model of what your product will look like that you can use for presentations and marketing materials. But once it’s time to start manufacturing, you’ll need to decide whether you want to build your manufacturing facility or outsource production.

If you choose to build your facility, you’ll need employees who can handle all aspects of the manufacturing process. You’ll also need management staff for things like quality control, inventory control, and shipping. The cost of setting up a manufacturing plant can get very expensive if you’re not prepared.

Outsourcing your production is often more cost-effective than building your factory. You’ll have fewer overhead expenses because all the equipment is already in place, and some people are experienced in all aspects of the manufacturing process. The only downside is that you have less control over every step of the process when someone else makes your product for you.

Engineers at work

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