Here We Convert Your Imagination into Reality

Connekt. LLC is an engineering design firm that provides best engineering design services in San Francisco CA. We specialize in drafting and design engineering and mechanical product development with industrial design teams to recreate the vision of our clients’ products. In addition to our core engineering services, we offer full engineering design services. Our portfolio consists of many successfully completed projects in the previous years, spanning from consumer products, to automotive.

We have been supporting entrepreneurial clients like you and developing mechanical products for many years. Our team of engineers and designers will handle everything, from concepts and mock-up prototypes to a certified product ready for mass production. Our process is transparent, and you have full control of each and every stage.

Concept & Research We are here to help you to get your idea off the ground. We will deconstruct your design problem at hand and from there, we’ll match you with an expert team of Engineering design services in San Francisco CA required to solve it.