How Is Rapid Manufacturing Helping the Fight Against COVID-19?

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Rapid manufacturing is exactly what it sounds like—a process that can be used to produce goods quickly and cost-effectively. In most cases, it involves using 3D printing technology to build products layer by layer out of plastic or metal powder. Rapid manufacturing is often used by companies that need prototypes or small batches made quickly, like when you’re trying out a new design, or by companies that need replacement parts to keep their production lines going smoothly, like when you’re working on a complicated machine.

Faster Production Times

Rapid manufacturing is a new technology that is being used in the fight against COVID-19. The process allows for the creation of products and goods in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods. This technology is helping companies make everything from pharmaceuticals to medical devices and products that front-line health workers need fast such as printed medical face shields and ventilator parts.

With traditional methods, it takes years to create one product. For example, it can take 4 months just to design a prototype for something like an inhaler! With rapid manufacturing, though, it only takes around two days—and sometimes as little as two hours—to go from your idea to having a product in your hands! Rapid manufacturing has been used to create these critical supplies at a pace that has helped keep up with this rapid growth in cases.

Reshaping New Supply Chains

Because of COVID-19, global supply chains were disrupted, which compelled companies to look inward. The ability to quickly produce parts and products has allowed manufacturers to get back on their feet and begin producing new parts, products, and services more quickly than ever before. Companies can respond more quickly to customer demand, which helps them keep up with current orders and avoid backlogs. Rapid manufacturing also allows for faster deliveries of products, which is a major benefit for many companies. It’s easier for people to find what they need when it comes to rapid manufacturing and other forms of production.

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