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Have you heard about rapid prototyping — the design-focused process that speeds up production by quickly producing low-resolution models of a design or solution? Let’s have a look at the benefits of using this approach.

Lower Development Cost

It is more cost-effective to develop a prototype than it is to develop an actual product because time isn’t wasted on ideating and inputting designs into CAD, configuring machines for fabrication, or waiting for prototypes to be produced in plastic, wood, etc.

Time is also not wasted on making adjustments to drawings, but rather, the design is continually adjusted in real-time to fit the requirements of the prototype.

The lower cost of production means that more iterations can take place in a shorter amount of time without forcing you to throw out your entire product. Simply adjust designs and try again until you get it right.

Better Communication with Clients

Even if you’re selling electronically or don’t deal directly with consumers, rapid prototyping helps in communicating your product ideas with customers and potential investors. By showing them what it looks like, how it works, and any other details that may help them determine whether or not they want to invest in your idea or purchase it outright. Use your prototypes to help you arrive at decisions on how to proceed with design, manufacturing, marketing, and all of the other variables of new product development.

Gaining Valuable Feedback

Prototypes give you the chance to receive feedback on your new product idea from a variety of sources before you’re stuck with a million products that no one wants to purchase. Even if you’re sure nobody will have any interest in it, showing it off to trusted advisors or even just asking for opinions online can help you avoid being blindsided by something that everyone else seems to have an issue with, but that you can’t see until they point it out to you.

Low detail render of a city.

Speeds Up Time to Market

The biggest benefit of rapid prototyping is that it allows your new product to be available for sale more quickly than ever before. No longer will you be on an indefinite waitlist for the production and delivery of your prototype. With rapid prototyping, prototypes can be produced and sent out almost as soon as you buy them online, allowing you to test market your product before spending thousands of dollars on production tools and machines.

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