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Prototyping has always been an integral part of designing products and continues to be a beginning essential of almost all engineering projects. Rapid prototyping has made it possible for manufacturers to assess product functionality through small-batch manufacturing, thus reducing the cost and overall expenditure on product development.


These are all the things that rapid prototyping services are different from:


Machining or subtractive manufacturing is a prototyping process in which a large metal is chiseled to suit the shape of the desired product. Machining requires a skilled machinist and eats up a lot of time. Rapid prototyping differs from the machining process due to its low-cost supplies. Plus, you only need to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) to make your designs. We can easily do it for you with the help of our experienced CAD designers.

Slow Prototype Development

Compared to injection-molded plastic designs that might take some time for the initial product tooling, rapid prototyping would have your visual product developed in no time. The CAD (Computer aided design) technology often used for product designing offers a three-dimensional diagram wherein you could also adjust the layering of your product. Depending on the product, rapid prototyping may take only a few days.

High Production Costs

Rapid prototyping simply prints out a CAD model using the 3D printing technique. 3D printing is a prominent part of the process of rapid prototyping.  It’s only different from our regular printing in the sense that the drawing a 3D printer churns out is three-dimensional. The only cost here would be the 3D printer and the materials used to print the product, which by default makes RP a low-cost process compared to other prototyping options.

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Intangible Prototypes

A stand-out feature of rapid prototyping is the user experience that it offers. You can touch the three-dimensional product and detect its flaws then and there. Not only that, possible corrections based on material usage and layering could also be made using the technology. Unlike paper wireframes used for prototyping previously, rapid prototyping offers tangible frames that could be evaluated better.

Where Do We Come In?

If you’ve been too reliant on low- and high-fidelity wireframes or plastic injection molding for your prototyping options, it’s time to upgrade. Rapid prototyping is bound to shorten your prototyping process from months on end to days. You can even test and review your product better. If you’re looking for rapid prototyping services in Auburn, our designers can help!

Connekt, LLC is an engineering services provider in Auburn, CA. With our “Concept to Reality” approach, our manufacturing designs are destined to be the closest possible simulation of your product. At Connekt, rapid prototyping services are the best! We deliver the best final products with some of the most trustworthy electrical and mechanical services throughout Grass Valley and Auburn, CA. To avail our services, contact us at 530-575-6528 or request a free quote.

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