The Importance of Colored Resins in Plastic Injection Molding

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Aesthetic colors can stimulate creativity in injection molding. While the boring translucent or brown molded plastic may be suitable for the majority of the tasks, some projects require the material to have more color. Let’s talk about the importance of colored resin in plastic injection molding here:

 1. The Look:

While pleasing aesthetics may seem vain, they can make a huge difference in how your product is perceived. You may be showing your prototype to multiple investors, and the right color can add a world of difference. Beautifully colored models would catch the investors’ eye, making them more interested in your pitch and final product.

2. Matching the Color:

If you are creating spare parts for a commodity that will be assembled later, it is important that you make all the parts in the same color. Not having an exact match could be displeasing to the customer, motivating them not to purchase your product. Hence, it is advisable to use the same-colored resin to get a smooth finish of your end product.

3. How the Procedure Works:

In injection molding, small beads of colored resin are melted and mixed in the main mixture. There is no other easy way to add color to your end-product. Therefore, resins are a crucial component in the injection molding process.

4. Raw Material Compatibility:

Resins are created by manipulating plastics at a molecular level. If the wrong type of colorant is added, it will alter the consistency, strength, and look of the resin. This wrongly modified resin will then create issues in your final product. This could cause the color to flake off, ruining the look and feel of your products.

Therefore professionals need to be careful about what type of resin they use in order to ensure premium quality.

5. Certification Compatibility:

Plastic food container with food

Some products and industries require specific certifications about the quality of plastic being used. This quality can be altered by your choice of resin. For example, when making food-safe containers and utensils, you need to be extra careful to ensure you aren’t violating any FDA regulations. Similar restrictions apply to the manufacturing of toys for kids and many other industries.

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