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3D printing has revolutionized the world. The 3D printing process allows ideas to be turned into digital designs. These designs are then transformed into 3D printed prototypes instantly.

Combined with additive manufacturing, experts believe that 3D printing can help solve two of the world’s most significant issues: housing problem and the energy crisis.

How 3D Printing is Solving Significant Industrial Problems

The 3D printing revolution is helping engineers solve both design and manufacturing problems.

Risk Mitigation

One of the areas that 3D printing has noticeably transformed is risk mitigation in the manufacturing process. Traditional manufacturing methods pose numerous problems for engineers. Improperly designed and manufactured molds could set back the manufacturing process by weeks or even months. However, using 3D printing, engineers can design molds quickly.

Similarly, making changes is a simple process as designs only need to be altered digitally. 3D printing can cut down vital time lost in the manufacturing process.

A prototype being 3D printed

Lead Times

3D printing is also aiding manufacturers in reducing lead times. Traditional manufacturing methods take time to deliver quality products. However, using 3D printing, the production time is dramatically reduced.

Cost Reduction

Manufacturers are always looking to reduce costs. 3D printing is valuable in helping manufacturers lower costs as it removes the need for specific tools in most scenarios. In addition, multiple parts of the assembly line can be printed, reducing expenses and lead times. 3D printing has also reduced the reliance on labor as majority of the processes can now be automated.

How 3D Printing is Solving Housing and the Energy Crisis


3D Printing can also help solve housing problems. Many firms have taken initiatives to create housing projects with 3D building printers at low costs. The United Arab Emirates unveiled a 3D-printed building with a sleek design and optimized for energy efficiency a few years ago.

The Emirate of Dubai has also announced plans to print more than 25 percent of its buildings by 2025. 3D printing is also being adopted for housing projects in other parts of the world. Firms in Russia and Netherlands have both created housing using 3D printers.

Energy Crisis

3D printing helps reduce carbon emissions. In construction alone, 3D printing is minimizing the transport of materials and labor. Carbon fiber is a stronger material than steel and significantly reduces vehicle mass. The technology is being adopted in all areas of the automotive industry.

Solve Your Problems with 3D Printing

3D printing can boost your production processes and reduce lead times and costs. Connekt LLC offers a unique approach to obtaining quality engineering design services. We use our 3D printing services to create 3D printed prototypes for your business. We also provide other services such as finite element analysis, custom injection molding, and rapid prototyping.

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