We Take The Guesswork Out Of Making All Types Of Prototypes

We not only build prototypes, but we offer patent, design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing services. Everything you need to make a prototype and launch it to the market.

What type of prototyping do you need?

First, ask yourself what kind of prototype and for whom. The truth is that one size does not fit all. You need to know:

  1. How simple or complex is my product idea?
  2. How far along am I in development – or is it only an idea?
  3. Who needs to see my prototype – partners, investors, pre-order customers?
  4. What do I want my prototype to prove?

At Connekt, LLC, we make every kind of prototype for every one of our customer’s needs. We are a rapid prototyping service located in Auburn, CA. We offer end-to-end prototyping services for Consumer Products, Medical Devices and a strong background in high technology products.

We specialize in helping clients navigate the patent landscape for new product ideas then develop unique product concepts based on available opportunities. We have a full team of researchers, Industrial Designers, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, software and APP developers, prototype experts, and manufacturing engineers. We even have a department to help with crowdfunding and marketing your new product to the market.

We help our clients bring products all the way to the market, and not just the fuzzy front end or stopping at creating a prototype. We have the experience to do this as all of our Designers, Engineers, and Marketers are all SENIOR LEVEL with over 1,000 combined products taken to market. Wouldn’t you want a product manufacturing company with the best talent working on your product?