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    We are a start- up business team.

    Our team is new to custom hardware product design.

    We want a prototype to demo to investors.

    Our team is experienced with selling product globally.

    Help us coordinate things

    Send me a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

    Yes, the funding to start project is in place.

    It's urgent, we have project timing pressures.

    Kristen Alvarez
    Owner/Founder/CEO, Terra Streuna Outfitters, LLC, Cincinnati, OH
    “I am so glad I found Scott! He is not only very skilled and competent in the field of Engineering and Manufacturing, he is responsive and eager to do a great job. Scott was very proactive and was very open to talking to other team members working on the project to get their perspective. He was able to get up to speed on the project and provide me with CAD files of parts to manufacture within a couple of days. Scott also worked with his contacts to obtain bids for manufacturing and presented me with several options from companies he has done business with in the past. Being new to the world of manufacturing, this was very helpful to me. I will definitely continue to work with Scott on this project and others. I highly recommend him, especially if you are looking at manufacturing injection molded parts-this seems to be his specialty."
    Steven Neil Verona
    CEO of Zenacon, LLC, Miami Beach, FL
    I have worked with Connekt for over 6 years and could not be more pleased with their work. Scott is amazing and he MEETS DEADLINES! I don't remember who referred me to Connekt, but I refer people to them every chance I get.
    Josh Hansen
    Registered Nurse/Connekt client
    At connekt LLC the project's capabilities and teams managed and deployed strategically by Scott Raitt on this project delivered best-in-class assets unmatched by the in-house resources available at most product manufacturing and design organization.
    Ryan Welch
    President, Bear Busters, Lake Tahoe, NV
    "I had hit a wall on my design and production of my electric bear mat. Once I found Scott with Connekt, LLC, all of this changed. He quickly came out with a new design that streamlined the appearance and production of my very unique product. Scott connected me with business's overseas and locally to create my product in a professional and affordable way. He also cut my production time in half, created a more effective product and best of all my production cost is the same as before."
    Brian Johnson
    BJ Designs, Mammoth Lakes, CA
    "Scott is a real pleasure to work with. We have collaborated on several very successful projects over the past fifteen years in the Medical and Commercial Electronics field. He excels at being a multi-tasked and multi-faceted Senior Mechanical Engineer, often jumping from one hot spot to another without missing a beat. I would be proud to work with Scott on any project he may be associated with."