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We are client focused having built a reputation of collaborative working, whether with clients,. We pride ourselves on always putting the client first and creating long-standing relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Our schemes benefit from a wealth of live project experience as well as a highly-skilled team each consisting of a director, project leader and a suitably resourced design team to ensure the project requirements are met.

We have a ‘lean construction’ approach to our projects to enhance final build quality, operational, energy, and economic efficiency. Our people are all highly talented individuals in their own right, but for us teamwork is essential. The closeness of our team from director level to graduate means that everyone is constantly learning and improving in order to provide the best solution for the client. We strive to engage each and every employee and appreciate the contribution young minds bring to our organization.

We know young people are the future of our business and thus invest significant time in offering them a progressive technical education and in some cases sponsoring part-time degree education as part of their continuing development. We always help our clients with our highly qualified staff and focus on customer satisfaction.

Engineering design is the method that engineers use to identify and solve problems. It has been described and mapped out in many ways, but all descriptions include some common attributes:

Engineering design is a process.

This powerful approach to problem-solving is flexible enough to work in almost any situation. Our engineering design service engineers learn important information about both the problem and possible solutions at each step or phase of the process.

The engineering design is purposeful.

The process always begins with an explicit goal. If it were a journey, it would be one with a specific destination – not a random sightseeing trip.

Engineering design is “design under constraint.”

Designers must choose solutions that include the most desired features and fewest negative characteristics. But they must stay the limitations of the given scenario, which could include time, cost, and the physical limits of tools and materials.

Engineering design is systematic and iterative.

It is a process that includes steps that can be repeated, although not always in the same order. Steps include things like planning, modeling, testing, and improving designs.

Engineering design is a social, collaborative enterprise.

This process is often done in small teams that include people with different kinds of knowledge and experience. Designers are continuously communicating with clients, team members, and others.

Science is commonly described as the study of the natural world through observation and experimentation. Science inquiry and engineering design use similar cognitive tools such as brainstorming, reasoning by analogy, mental models, and visual representations.

Our engineering design services in Auburn, CA engineers always use all the methods that involve engineering design. We always work along with our clients and focus to solve client’s concerns.


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