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Translating Complex Product Ideas into Market-Ready Solutions

Los Angeles has one of the most diverse and innovative tech ecosystems, and every day a new startup begins its journey to become the next unicorn company. While they have the designs and ideas, most companies don’t have access to resources and a specialized team of professionals; this is where Connekt comes in!

Connekt LLC is a leading electro-mechanical engineering design company in Los Angeles that helps companies maximize their return on investments and profits. Our team consists of mechanical, electrical, hardware and software engineers, ANSYS FEA specialists, manufacturing technicians, and prototype machinists. Due to our diverse knowledge and expertise, we are able to deliver a wide range of services under one roof, making us the leading engineering design firm.

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With us, companies don’t have to hire professionals from different disciplines. They can outsource their product development process to us. Our professionals work alongside our clients to fully understand their requirements, concerns, and business goals and deliver prompt and effective solutions.

What we Offer

FEA Analysis

We provide Finite Element Analysis consulting services in Los Angeles. Our ANSYS FEA specialists assess the quality of your designs and products, identify flaws and errors and devise a plan to make structural adjustments. This helps companies rectify any imperfections in the early phases of product development at a significantly low cost and deliver a high-quality final product.  

Electro-Mechanical Packaging Design Services

We meet your products’ functional, structural and aesthetic needs with our electro-mechanical packaging design services in Los Angeles. Our custom packaging preserves the integrity of your products, no matter how fragile they are. We apply our rich engineering design knowledge and create bespoke solutions for our clients.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding  

With our injection molding services, you can produce custom plastic parts in bulk at a low cost per unit. We can design and develop all kinds of plastic parts with precision and tight tolerances. Our material experts carefully choose the material according to your requirements and deliver high-quality end products.

Rapid Prototyping

We pride ourselves on being the leading rapid prototyping team in the industry. Due to time and resource limitations, companies often struggle with tight deadlines and production demands. Therefore, we offer 3D-printed prototypes that feel and perform like production parts and help companies present their product to the world.

3D Printing

Besides rapid prototyping, we offer 3D printing for low-volume production, replacement parts, tools and jigs, and much more as a low-cost solution.


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Connekt is your one-stop solution for engineering design services, helping you at every step of your product development. Whether you need 3D printed prototypes in a few days or want to work with our Finite Element Analysis specialists, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to get started.

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