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Get a Competitive Edge with our Innovative Engineering Design Services

Whether you’re a tech startup in Fresno, CA or an established firm, Connekt, LLC, will help you bring your concepts and ideas to reality. We innovate optimal engineering design solutions and offer rapid prototyping services at an affordable price.

Each day brings new challenges when you’re in the tech industry. As we work with several leading tech companies in the country, we are familiar with the market conditions and industrial demands. We have streamlined the design and engineering process to provide you with maximum return on investment with minimum to no risks.  Hiring us gives you access to leading technology, seasoned engineers, and ample resources that streamline your product development process.

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Reduced working costs, improved product quality, increased specialized help, and high customer satisfaction are some of the many benefits companies enjoy by working with us. Our team consists of ANSYS FEA specialists, experienced electrical, mechanical, software, and hardware engineers, and prototype machinists. Together, they deliver cutting-edge solutions that help companies achieve a competitive advantage in the industry.

Sustainable and Affordable Design Solutions

Why waste thousands of dollars on traditional prototypes when you can get the same thing with 3D printing technology? Our 3D printed prototypes offer the same functionality as other prototypes and enable you to make unlimited design iterations without worrying about the budget. This technology also helps us deliver rapid prototypes that significantly reduce the time to market the product. We also offer custom injection molding to produce precise custom plastic parts in bulk at a low cost. All our services are designed to save time, money, effort and material waste.

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Our Engineering Design Process Explained in Three Steps

Step 1: With the help of our patent attorneys, we perform an international patent search to ensure your design doesn’t infringe existing patents. Step 2: Our engineers create a design according to your requirements and validate its functionality. Then, our ANSYS FEA specialists perform Finite Element Analysis to ensure the product’s integrity, quality and robustness. Step 3: After testing and making the required design changes, we develop the final product. In addition, we also create customized packaging for your products to ensure their safety against environmental impact and other damages. All our products pass the international standards of quality, including ISO:9001 and ISO:13485. Moreover, they also meet UL, TUV, CE, and FCC requirements. We are one-stop mechanical engineering and design service providers in Fresno, facilitating you throughout the product development lifecycle. Get in touch with us to learn more about our rapid prototyping and FEA simulation services.

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