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Due to increased global competition and industry demands, companies are required to quickly bring their product to life with little to no room for error. This leads to many complexities for companies; that’s where we come in. Connekt LLC is a mechanical design engineering company in Riverside that turn your ideas into a reality with its top-notch advanced services.  

We have aligned ourselves with leading professionals in every discipline, including mechanical, electrical, software and hardware engineers, ANSYS FEA specialists, and prototype machinists. In addition, we have partnered with CNC Machining Center. This allows us to offer all kinds of solutions under one roof. Our services include:

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By working with us, you don’t have to hire a dedicated team for product development. You can combine your existing resources with our capabilities and bring your idea to life. Our services help companies expedite their design, development, and launch process. Our designers and engineers in Riverside go above and beyond to deliver effective solutions and exceed your expectations. They work alongside you to understand your requirements and ensure the timely implementation of your design concepts and other goals.

Complete Engineering Services in Riverside, California

Our team of experienced professionals and access to the latest technology helps us deliver prototype parts in days, not weeks or months, at an affordable rate. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your dream project; you just need the right team. We take your ideas and initial designs and turn them into a practical prototype.


With our rapid prototyping and 3D printing, you can make many iterations of the product design without spending thousands of dollars on traditional prototyping. Moreover, with our FEA consulting services, you can identify the flaws or errors in your product earlier in the preliminary stages. This helps you save money, resources and effort while offering efficiency and high quality. Once you’re happy with the design, we can create a more concrete prototype so you can market your product.

We have extensive experience working with leading brands and enterprises, offering services throughout the product development lifecycle. From custom plastic parts to 3D-printed prototypes, our mechanical design engineers will come up with a bespoke solution that will fulfill your expectations. Contact us now to get started.

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