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Innovative Engineering and Design Solutions

We offer all the engineering and design services as other engineering firms in San Francisco. However, what truly sets us apart is our understanding of the difficulties our customers and their businesses encounter. So, we try to bring your ideas and ambitions to fruition in a way that will generate a positive return on investment.

We value that our customers both old and new trust us with their ideas and goals. We take it upon ourselves to connect them with experienced engineers and guide them through every part of the design, production, and distribution stages. While the process as a whole may seem overwhelming, it’s nothing our team can’t handle. 

When you have a team of dedicated, highly-motivated experts and professionals providing you with top-notch engineering design services, even the most difficult obstacles become achievable!

Many of our engineers find their niche providing one or more of the many services we offer. Our FEA analyst is a true expert in the field, and due to their work, we’ve established a solid reputation in the industry.

End-to-End Engineering
Services in San Francisco, CA

Our dedicated staff of mechanical, electrical, software, and manufacturing engineers bring your concepts to life through high-quality 3D printing services in San Francisco. Understanding the benefits of outsourcing has been a driving factor in the rise of repurposed mechanical design services. Lower operating expenses, superior product quality, more specialized support, and happier customers are just some of the benefits of partnering with a reliable company like Connekt.

To ensure that the packaging of your product is safe and secure, our San Francisco-based team of mechanical and electrical experts offers comprehensive electro-mechanical package design services.

Simply tell our engineers your specifications, and they’ll work to meet all of your product’s functional, structural, and aesthetic criteria at the lowest possible price. They have a deep understanding of engineering design services, which they use to develop prototypes and products.

Our team of experts in San Francisco can create plastic components with proper tight tolerance for a wide range of applications, and our high-quality custom injection molding services enable us turn your concepts into reality. The material experts won’t make a final decision until they’ve worked through your product specifications and considered every viable solution.

We’re your one-stop solution for mechanical engineering services that will only exceed your expectations. Contact with us today for engineering and design solutions in San Francisco.

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