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  • Electro-Mechanical Packaging is a “Hybrid” engineering assignment. Electro-Mechanical Packaging is a major discipline within the field of Mechanical Engineering and includes a wide variety of technologies. It refers to enclosures and the unique protective features built into the product itself, and not (only) to a shipping container. Electro-Mechanical Packaging applies both to end products and to components. Electro-Mechanical packaging of an electronic system must consider protection from mechanical damage, cooling, radio frequency noise emission, protection from electrostatic discharge, maintenance, operator convenience, and cost. Prototypes and industrial equipment made in small quantities may use standardized commercially available enclosures such as card cages or prefabricated boxes. Mass-market consumer devices may have highly specialized packaging to increase consumer appeal.
  • Connekt, LLC provides electro-mechanical packaging design (E/M Packaging) for nearly any product packaging requirement, whether structural, functional or aesthetic. Connekt applies a rich knowledge of a broad range of manufacturing processes to develop a cost-effective packaging solution for high volume production of your product.
  • Electromechanical packaging involves more than just product packaging. It involves multiple technologies related to mechanical engineering to ensure safety and products as well as its components. An electromechanical package design helps prototypes stay safe from mechanical damage, electrostatic discharges, emissions, and more. It also reduces maintenance costs.
  • Connekt LLC offers expert electromechanical packaging design services for products of all sizes and any quantity in multiple cities in the Unites States, including Sacramento, Auburn, San Francisco, California and more. Our methods are very effective in terms of protection, design and functionality, and are available at very reasonable rates.
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