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Making a prototype has immense value to a business. On top of that, if those prototypes are 3D printed, they’re even better, especially for smaller businesses looking to save cost. However, technology is growing, and the cost of producing the smallest of products is rising.

This means that larger businesses are also investing money in 3D printed prototypes to better spend their budget on testing new products and designs. Here are some other reasons you should start 3D printing your prototypes.

Ability to Change and Iterate Rapidly

If you ever had a product designed, you would know that the first prototype is never perfect. They usually go through a long process of trial and error until the design is finalized. A great benefit of 3D-printing your prototypes is that it speeds up that process; all you have to do is update your CAD file with the necessary changes and send out the print.

Furthermore, 3D printing prototypes also enable you to make different concept designs of the same product, enabling you to test out which one is the best performing one. As a result, you can reduce the R&D of your product from months to days or weeks.

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Flexible Material Choices


With the growth of 3D printing and getting more and more exposure, there has been a demand for all the different types of printing filaments. Materials like ABS, PLA, PETG, and nylon are highly demanded, along with some eco-friendly options like plant-based filaments.

The benefit to 3D prototyping itself is that it will help you test out different materials as different filaments have different properties. So, choosing the option that suits your product perfectly will be much easier.

Reduced Cost and Time

As mentioned earlier, making the perfect product takes lots of trials and errors. Furthermore, this process is way more costly and time-consuming if you’re making prototypes the old-fashioned way. If you’re using 3D printed prototypes, then there’s a high chance that you will use plastic filaments, which are way more affordable than other materials and can be recycled easily.

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