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3D printing is the process of taking a 3-dimensional object and creating it in layers on top of each other. It can be used to create prototypes for your products or even parts that are needed for machinery. The industrial application of this technology has grown rapidly over the past few years, making it an invaluable resource in many areas.

The complex manufacturing processes such as finite Element Analysis (FEA), Electro-Mechanical Packaging Design, Plastic Injection Molding, Rapid Prototyping, and others are closely related. And all of these processes are the outcomes of the amazing 3D printing technology. Using 3D technology has made it possible to go hands-on innovative with redesigning parts for weight reduction, ease of assembly, and durability.

The efficient engineers who are keen on the latest technological advancements will use this technology to innovate, reduce time-to-market, shorten the overall development cycle for products, and improve designs throughout the product life cycle.

Here are three applications for 3D printing that you might not have known about before!

1) Rapid Prototyping

When designing new pieces or redesigning old ones, rapid prototyping is an important step that allows designers to test different design ideas without having to put any money into production. This saves time and resources when trying out different concepts, so you don’t waste money on something you won’t use. Several industrial processes involve a trial and error approach. But this approach has its pitfalls. This is where rapid prototyping comes into play.

2) Electro-Mechanical Packaging Design

Another important application of 3D printing is electro-mechanical packaging design. This involves designing packages that contain electronic parts (like circuit boards) and how they fit together inside their enclosure. With this technology, you can protect the sensitive electronic parts, while having them fit together perfectly inside their enclosure. This ensures that the product will work when it’s bought by a consumer and protects any sensitive components if mishandled or dropped during transport.

3) Injection Molding

The plastic injection molding process is used to create many items that are found in our home, but have you ever stopped to think about the components inside of it? This includes sockets/outlets, door handles, or any other parts for your appliances. The ability to design complex molds with moving pieces allows engineers and designers to play around with different designs and components and make sure everything fits together perfectly.

3D printed prototypes in San Francisco

These are just a few of the many industrial applications for the revolutionary technology, known as three-dimensional printing. While some still think it doesn’t have any real-world applications in the industry, they couldn’t be more wrong! For those of you interested in learning more about the industrial applications of this technology, please contact our team for more information. Connekt LLC is a full-services 3D Printing venture providing FEA consulting services, plastic injection molding, and even electrical and mechanical engineering solutions in Grass Valley.

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