3 Major Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

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An extremely popular and versatile plastic parts production technique, plastic injection molding offers a multitude of advantages over other plastic molding methods. In addition to being significantly more efficient, the process is also simpler and much more reliable.

Over the course of this blog post, we’ll take a look at three of the most prominent advantages of plastic injection molding.

Faster Production & Higher Efficiency

There are various reasons why plastic injection molding is considered one of the most efficient forms of molding. Compared to other methods, the process is much faster, and its high production output rate makes it even more economical and efficient. While speed is mostly determined on the size and complexity of the mold, the period between cycles typically ranges from 15 to 120 seconds.

With such less time needed between cycles, a higher number of molds can be manufactured in lesser time. This, of course, makes a considerable impact on profit and revenue margins.

Easier to Create Complex Designs

With injection molding, you can also manage to parts of an extremely complex nature and make millions of parts that are virtually identical with great uniformity. To maximize the efficacy of high-volume injection molding and optimize the quality and precision of your parts, you have to take into account some key design elements. Design development of the part needs to be right to optimize the efficiency that’s an inherent part of high-volume molding. Once you get the design right, components and products can be made with quality and consistency. If the design is not right, there’s a high probability of costly processing errors.

For the injection process to work properly, the fundamental design elements have to be perfected. These include boss design, rib design, corner transitions, and wall thickness.

Improved Strength

When designing a part that’s going to be produced through plastic injection molding, one of the key factors that need to be determined is strength. The designer has to know if the component/product needs to be rigid or flexible, and the kind of environment it will be exposed to.

Identifying the correct balance of design aspects will help in addressing you product’s need for stability and strength. The choice of material plays another vital role in the product’s strength.

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