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3D CAD designing has changed the whole concept of product designing in various mechanical engineering and designing processes. The popularity of 3D CAD designing is due to its various benefits, including visualizing the final product, getting efficient results, and having a professional, streamlined designing lifecycle. But is mechanical engineering the only branch of engineering where 3D CAD Designing is used?

This article mentions all the engineering branches where 3D CAD Designing is used.

1- Mechanical Engineering and Design

You know now that 3D CAD is used in mechanical engineering techniques, but let us explain how mechanical engineers use 3D CAD Designing.

  • All the tools and components that are designed in mechanical engineering need to follow certain international ISO standards. Through 3D CAD designing software, mechanical engineering designs are manufactured to follow global standards such as ANSI, CSN, BSI, and DIN.
  • Another major use of 3D CAD software in mechanical engineering is to properly draw all the hidden parts of all the components. Drawing all the parts of a mechanical product is not possible through manual drawing. 3D CAD designing is used to reduce the error percentage in redrawing every design.
  • A significant part of manufacturing a mechanical tool is the documentation process. 3D CAD Designing is used to perform consistent and detailed documentation of the 3D CAD design, which helps in every product manufacturing process. 3D CAD software creates accurate documents, including material specifications documents, product dimensions’ reports, geometric documentation, and bills of materials.

2- Electrical Engineering and Design

Another branch of engineering that uses 3D CAD Designing is electrical engineering and design. Following are some ways in which electrical engineers use 3D CAD designs.

  • Electrical engineers can create electrical diagrams, electronic diagrams, control circuit diagrams, schematics reports, and other necessary documentation through CAD software.
  • CAD design software is also used in building default circuits, which saves time and money as engineers can reuse the circuits.
  • Electrical engineers used CAD software to create customized electrical schematic designs after considering voltage, temperature, and wire material.

3- Civil Engineering and Design

Apart from building components and tools, 3D CAD designs are also used by civil engineers to design buildings. Here’s how 3D CAD designing is used in civil engineering.

  • Civil engineers used 3D CAD designing to create 3D terrain models by considering existing geological factors, utilities, the time required, and topography.
  • 3D CAD software allows civil engineers to reuse the same designs in the construction of multiple buildings.


Mechanical engineers working with machines

Whether you are a mechanical engineer or electrical engineer, you will be required to use 3D CAD designs in manufacturing products. At Connekt LLC, we have various engineering design services in Auburn that involve 3D CAD designing.

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