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Yes, you can use 3D printers in everyday life!

3D printing has applications in an astronomically vast number of areas. Second only to computers, 3D printers can be the most revolutionary invention of modern times. Like computers, 3D printers were initially used in labs and industries for technical purposes. However, as 3D prints get cheaper and easier to access, people can incorporate 3D printers into everyday life.

Here are some ways you can use 3D printing in your everyday life.

1- Bringing Ideas to Life

Ever had an idea about some tool that dramatically improved your life if it only existed? With 3D printing, your ideas don’t have to stay ideas. Since 3D designing has become so accessible and easy to use, anyone can learn to design 3D objects on their computers and bring those objects from their imagination to life using a 3D printer.

2- Life Hacks

You’d be surprised to know that you don’t need to learn 3D design to benefit from 3D printers. There are tens of thousands of different 3D models freely available on the internet.

Did you come across a 3D model object on the internet that you want? All you need to do is download the file and print the object; It’s that simple!

3- Decoration

With the limitless scope of 3D printers, you can design 3D objects that exactly match the objects in your house. Not only this, but you can print your 3D objects in any size you want, which makes 3D printing a game-changer for the decoration industry.

You can create decor items, catch alls, figurines, and what not. All you need to do is buy the design, download or stream the file and print the object you want.

4- Fixing Things

With literally infinite design applications of 3D printing, you can repair everyday objects or improve objects to your liking. Here are some examples of these applications.

Say you broke your door handle or a drawer handle. With a 3D printer, you can make a 3D handle that fits on top of the broken handle. You can cover all your door handles with 3D printed handles that match your door or other furniture better than the original handles. With 3D printers, you can print any and everything!

Your imagination only limits 3D printing. All you need is to know what object you want, and you can bring it to life with a 3D printer.

A person 3D printing

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