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Do you have the perfect product design ready? Before forwarding it to manufacturing, it’s always a good idea to create and test a prototype. When it comes to creating custom product prototypes, 3D printing and injection molding are two of the most widely used methods.

Here’s a list of benefits of prototyping your product if you’re in the manufacturing business:

1. It Gives Room for Perfection:

You can physically test out your design by getting a prototype made. Prototyping allows you to see any abnormalities or design flaws your potential product may have. You can then work on the problem areas identified in the prototyping phase and perfect the final product.

2. It’s Lighter on the Pocket:

Prototyping can also save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. Getting a prototype made is cheaper than having your actual product made. It’s also less more cist-effective to make corrections in a model compared to your final product. You can get multiple prototypes after every alteration you make and it would still cost you less than creating the final product and then editing its design elements.

3. It Saves Time:

Your prototypes can be designed, created, and delivered to you within a short period. Whereas getting your final product made may take you months and months. Also, if you require some alterations, it is quicker to get it done on a prototype.

4. It Increases Your Chances of Getting Investments:

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may be looking for investors. You could have a killer idea but convincing an investor is an entirely different ball game. Having a prototype of your product comes in handy here. Using the prototype, you can explain to your venture capitalist what your idea is all about and can demonstrate it as well.

5.It Allows You to test the market:

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While a prototype may not look exactly like the end-product, it can be used to test the product’s market. Through market testing prototypes, you can get an idea of what the overall consumer sentiment is about the product. Sometimes market testing is also beneficial in pointing out usage difficulties that may have been overlooked when performing other tests.

Looking to Get a Prototype?

If you’ve got the perfect product design in mind, contact us to get your prototype made. We at Connekt, LLC are a team of experienced engineers working in the plastic injection molding business. We ensure the best quality work from the design stage to the delivery of your customized prototypes.

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