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Mechanical design flaws can lead to accidents and product failures that not only result in heavy losses, but also harm a company’s reputation. Any flaws in product design in the automobile, aerospace and construction industries can even result in loss of lives and put the company in trouble. Hence, it’s important to hire a mechanical engineering design service that knows how to avoid potential design flaws.

Over-Tightening or Under-Tightening Bolts

Often, over-tightening bolts or under-tightening them can lead to an imbalance in the load. If they aren’t checked and resolved on time, they can result in potential accidents. Hence, it’s always better to hire professional and experienced mechanical design engineers.

Conducting tests such as Finite Element Analysis can also help detect problems and take necessary measures before it’s too late.

Lack of Lubrication

Lubrication is an extremely important aspect of product design when it comes to designing products for industries such as aerospace, construction and automobiles.  Poor lubrication can increase the likelihood of an accident and increase the chances of wear and tear.

Using the Wrong Material

Material selection is also important and can affect the performance of your product as well as its lifespan. It’s a common design flaw to choose the wrong material for your product design. When purchasing materials for any product, a designer must take different factors into account, such as load, environment, and purpose of the product.

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Inadequate Protection Mechanisms

Protection mechanisms are also very important in product design. Lack of protection mechanisms can lead to serious consequences and put people’s lives in danger. For example, the absence of an anti-rotation protection mechanism in a motor can cause the motor to overheat, resulting in motor malfunction.

To avoid such design flaws in your product, it’s important to first create mock products and test them before introducing them to the market. Hiring a mechanical design engineer can help you create product prototypes and conduct tests such as Finite Element Analysis.

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