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Injection molding is a production technique that enables the large-scale production of items. Integrating molten materials into a mold is how it works. It’s usually used to make thousands of identical things as part of a large production process. Metals, glasses, elastomers, and confections are among the materials used in injection molding, but thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers are the most frequent.


The creation of the mold is the initial step in injection molding. Most molds are finely machined from metal, typically aluminum or steel, to suit the characteristics of the system they will manufacture.

The material for the part is poured into a heated barrel and combined using a helical curved screw after the mold has been made by the mold maker. The material in the barrel is melted by heating plates, and the molten plastic or metal is then poured into the mold cavity, where it cools and solidifies to match the mold’s shape. The use of cooling tubes that circulate cold oil or water from an outdoor temperature controller helps shorten the cooling periMoldould tools are installed on plate molds which separate once the material has hardened and removed the item from the mold using ejector pins.

A two-shot mold is a type of molding process that allows different materials to be blended in one part. This method can be used to provide plastic products with a softer feel, to color apart, or to create objects with varied performance characteristics.

Uses of Injection Molding

Injection molding is utilized in a variety of applications that call for a repeatable manufacturing process. Bottle tops, remote control casings, syringes, and other typical plastic products are made with it. Larger products, including automotive body panels, are also routinely made with it.

Packaging, wire spools, combs, toys, musical instruments and components, chairs, storage containers, mechanical and automotive parts, and components are all made by injection molding.

A part made by the process of injection molding

Types of Injection Molding

There are numerous injection molding processes to choose from, including:

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