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CNC machining makes use of computer numerical control (CNC) to make parts out of metal. It offers high precision cutting, versatility, accurate shaping, and drilling operations. These traits can be crucial on a large scale in industrial settings such as aerospace, medical and dental automotive, and semiconductor, where metal work is done. Diverse industries use it for cutting and stamping sheet metal. Learn about the applications of CNC machining in this post.

Automotive Industry

CNC machines are used to cut the metal sheets into any required shape and size within a very short time frame by using high-performance equipment. The process helps in reducing waste as well as costs while increasing productivity. CNC machines can help in the production of cylinders, intake manifold, engine blocks, roof panels, gearboxes as well as custom parts.

Aerospace Industry

CNC machines are used to cut metals like aluminum and titanium into precise shapes. The machine can be used to cut metals such as copper, nickel, etc., which are very hard to cut with conventional methods due to their high melting point or strength properties or mechanical properties such as stiffness, hardness, and density

Electronic Manufacturing

Intricate electronic components like circuit boards or parts for computers and cell phones can be used using CNC machines create. It allows the industry to produce complex designs and shapes that would have been otherwise impossible using conventional methods. Using their parts with increased stiffness, strength, and durability can be made.

An engineer holding a circuit board

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