Should You Use A 3D Printer Yourself or Outsource? Here’s The Answer

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3D printing technology is growing fast, with the market value touching 12.6 billion US dollars in 2020. It also has numerous applications that people are starting to explore more. Furthermore, it also has benefits such as making 3D printed prototypes or any other types of plastic parts.

However, people are always confused about whether they should hire a company that 3D prints for them or get an in-house 3D printer and work on that. Both these conditions have their advantages and disadvantages that we have listed in this blog for you to decide.

Advantages of In-house 3D Printing

  1. It gets easier if you have a 3D printer at home as you can customize the designs more to your liking and with better turnaround time.
  2. You will have more control over the whole process, which means that if any issues need to be addressed, you can be prompt about solving them while other tasks can be closely monitored.

Disadvantages of In-house 3D Printing

  1. Experience is one thing you’re definitely going to lack when you’re not outsourcing your 3D printing. There usually are unwanted and unexpected issues that arise while using a 3D printer, and if you have no prior knowledge, you’ll be stuck.
  2. You might even waste more time and effort setting up the machine that you could have used somewhere useful.

Advantages of Outsourcing 3D Printing

A 3D printer working on a design

  1. It’s better to hire a 3D printing services provider than buy a 3D printer, the material for it, and hire individuals who know how to print. That’s additional material cost, labor cost, and other overhead costs.
  2. When you outsource, you get access to skilled professionals who have worked on 3D printing for years
  3. Outsourcing companies have advanced equipment that allows them to make higher-quality products.
  4. The companies also have a variety of materials you can choose for your 3D printed prototype, depending on your preferences.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing 3D Printing

  1. There’s more chance of miscommunication between the two parties when giving out instructions leading to issues
  2. You might also think that you’ve lost some control over the project. However, we at Connekt LLC try to maintain constant communication throughout the process.

We recommend outsourcing your 3D printing projects, and there’s no one out there better than us to help you. We specialize in 3D printing services and have professionals with years of experience to provide you with the highest quality products.

We also offer rapid prototyping services and plastic injection molding to give you various options when you design a prototype. Contact us now to find out more about our services.

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