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Custom injection molding is one of the most efficient ways to produce plastic parts or components. The technology uses very little material and takes only a few seconds to produce hundreds of thousands of identical items. The following industrial applications for custom injection molding are some of the most popular uses for the process.

Medical Devices

The medical device industry is one of the largest and most diverse in terms of plastic manufacturing. Some plastics are non-toxic and do not cause human tissue or skin allergies. They are also very flexible, making them ideal for medical devices such as catheters and even dental tools.

From syringes to surgical tools, all types of plastic parts can be manufactured using custom injection molding techniques due to the high-quality results that can be achieved.

Automotive Components

Automotive manufacturers rely heavily on custom injection molding because it enables them to create a wide range of complex and highly accurate components in bulk with ease. Some examples include interior features such as dashboards and gear shifts, exterior features like bumpers and mirrors, and under-the-hood components like fan blades or oil pans just to name a few.

Appliances and Electronics

The average appliance or electronic device contains dozens of different plastic parts that must meet specific safety standards and quality guidelines. Custom injection molding makes it easy to achieve this level of consistency across hundreds or thousands of pieces at a time while ensuring that each part is made with precision and care.

Toys and Sports Equipment

Plastic toys have been a staple in households for decades, but they’re not just for children anymore. Many people use custom molded plastics to manufacture sports equipment and other adult products as well, thanks to the superior durability and level of detail that can be achieved using this technique.


The aerospace industry requires components that have high-performance capabilities in extreme environments such as low temperatures and high altitudes. Custom injection molding has made it possible to manufacture lightweight parts that meet these requirements. Aerospace manufacturers also prefer plastics because they don’t corrode as metals do.


Electrical cables, plugs, keyboards, mouse buttons, computer casings, and enclosures are manufactured using this process. Plastics can also be engineered to provide electrical insulation as well as strength.

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