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Finite element analysis (FEA) is the simulation that allows for testing the reaction of a product to forces such as fluid flow, heat, and vibration. The process involves subdividing a large problem into smaller, simpler parts called finite elements.

Finite Element Analysis is important for engineers and designers. It helps them predict how a product will function in the real world, optimize a design to ensure it works well, withstand severe conditions, and reduce development costs. It’s a common misconception that finite element analyses (FEA) are only used within the automotive and aerospace industries. In reality, FEA is a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes in manufacturing. It’s applied in various fields and industries such as manufacturing, biomedical, energy systems, oil and gas, electronics, construction, and more.

Here are some of the common use cases for Finite Element Analysis.

Vehicle Frame Analysis

Vehicle Frames are used for mounting engines, suspensions, axles, and other components. Any failure or vibration in the frame can lead to loss of life and property. Therefore, it goes through rigorous tests before being approved for use. FEA can be used to find the optimal weight distribution, stiffness, and strength of the frame.

Stress Analysis

FEA can determine the stress distribution in a structure under loading conditions. The stress analysis results can be used to check the safety of the object or to optimize the design such that it is as lightweight as possible while still meeting the required safety factors. The results can also be used to check if the object will break apart at certain loading conditions, allowing you to design an object with a working life that is longer than your customers’ expectations.

Structural Components Analysis

Structural components such as beams or columns can be analyzed using FEA to ensure that they can support the weight without collapsing. FEA can also simulate mechanical parts such as brackets or welded joints to predict if they will break under normal or extreme loads.

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